Wednesday by the month option is great if this is a first sport for your swimmer or if you aren't sure how much they will like it.  Of course, if you do monthly only lessons and you get hooked, you can always join in the long term lessons too.  All levels of the sport use the same skills and have the same foundation.

When attending our classes, we have forms we need you (the parent) to complete.  You may do that at the first class or you may download and print them to complete them at home and bring them ready for class.  We suggest doing it at home in advance.

Registration Forms

Contact us here to sign up for any of our classes or ask any questions!

For being a member in the national organization of the sport.  If  you're not sure about some of the answers, fill in as much as you know and we can help with the rest.


National Junior Olympics

June 22-June 30

Oxford, Ohio

See Indy Synchro's 16-17 & 18-19 year old swimmers compete!

Dates are weekly

For Wednesday sessions

​       Time- 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

For Saturday sessions 

       Time- 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Location:Noblesville HS Natatorium (Use Gate 7)
Cost: Once a week $65 per month[$325 for the session], Twice a week is $130 per month [$650 for the session].  
If you select the twice a week option and prepay the entire 5 months, you receive a $50 discount.
Pre-requisites: Our most important requirement is that the swimmer is comfortable in deep water and has the ability to swim 25 yards.  Come to a free try-it to see if you have these qualities.  
Registration: There are 2 parts to registering.
Part 1 is printing and completing the forms listed on this webpage.  Part 2 is using the contact below to ask questions and let us know you're coming!


JULY 16-20

8:00 - NOON (Drop off as early as 7:30 am if needed.

​Noblesville High School - Door 7

$100 per athlete.  Fee includes a T-Shirt, swim cap, and nose clip.  Snacks and drinks provided daily.

Contact for sign up information

In event we need to provide care to your swimmer.

Classes will resume in the fall. See below for dates.  Questions, just email:


On Wednesdays @ 7 pm -7:45 pm

Come try Synchro Free!! 

If you like it, you can do either a 4 lesson series or join the semester class.

Fall 2018 Class Information Available Now!

August 8 - 29

September 5 - 26

October 3 - 31 (no class Oct. 10)

Location:  Noblesville HS - enter door 7 on the southeast corner of the building
Cost: ​$45 for 4 lessons on Wed's in a specific session.
Pre-requisites: Our most important requirement is that the swimmer is comfortable in deep water and has the ability to swim 25 yards.
Registration:  Print and complete the forms listed on this webpage.  On the first day of class, we accept your forms (we can also help you if you have questions) and your check for payment.   

Basic info regarding your swimmer in this class session.

1 class or 2 classes a week NOW through May 20